Tips to Protect your Shop from Burglary in India.

One Break-in can Ruin your Lifetime of Savings!!

A Burglary, a Break-in, can happen to anyone, anytime. Whether you are a Homeowner, store owner, shop owner, or office owner. No one is safe from the prying eyes of Burglars.

While you can not avoid it 100%, proactive approaches to this problem can help you prevent it.

We researched factors and the approach that burglars take in India. Based on our research, here are the 5 best measures you can take to protect your Shop from Burglaries.


1. Keep track of your Keys

We often hand over our keys to the employees.

  1. Ensure that the keys to your shop is been returned when the employee leaves your employment.
  2. Give keys to your shop only to the trusted employees. Let a new employee earn your trust first.
  3. The more people who have access to the keys, the more risk you are still on.

Tip -

  1. Limit the number of people who have keys to your Shop.
  2. Change your locks whenever an employee leaves your employment. 


2. Install Grills. Protect your Ventilators.

Do not keep any door or window covered with a Glass. Install Grills to harden the entry points to your Shop.

The easiest entry point is your Ventilator. Install small-sized Ventilators, to cut the open hole in the wall.

3. No Dark corners.

This may sound filmy, but many times we’ve seen cases where the thieves hide in the dark corners of the shop. They come out and execute the burglary, once everyone has left.

Our Tip to our readers, install adequate lighting in your shop. Check for any dark corners. Check behind the curtains. Inspect everything yourself. Don’t trust your employees to check. You never know if they might an inside hand on this.

4. Start Monitoring using a CCTV Camera.


CCTV cameras provide you with a Live Video feed of your Shop. You can also capture images or recordings of what goes on when you’re not there.

CCTV Cameras also protect your business during non-operating hours.

Modern-day CCTV Cameras can detect Motion and Record on Cloud on Sensing any Motion.

This is a very useful feature, as it alerts you on sensing any movement in your store when it's closed.

At MoGo, we have developed a technology that also gives you a Phone Call on detecting any motion activity. This is very useful in the middle of the night, in a meeting or when you are traveling.

Invest in a Smart & Advanced CCTV Solution. This item must be on the top of your ToDo list.


Do note that CCTV Cameras shouldn’t invade privacy. Do not install them in break rooms, restrooms, etc.


5. Perform Background Checks on your Employees.


Last but not the least, it is very important to get a proper verification of your employees. Be cautious If someone is willing to work at rates much below the market rates.

Get their house proofs & submit them to your nearest police station for a background check.

A background check also helps take a preventive measure against employee theft.

We hope you would take due care of the above aspects. Remember, your lifetime of savings can be gone in 1 night.

Shop’s security goes much beyond locks & keys. All the above approaches to safeguard your shop must be undertaken.


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May 2022





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