Use your spare, outdated smartphone as a Portable CCTV Camera!

With MoGo CCTV Camera App, you can remotely keep an eye on your new born baby, elderly loved ones, pets, and valuable possessions.
Keep an eye on your home, office, shop, or warehouse from anywhere in the world.
MoGo CCTV app provides an Affordable, Instant and Portable alternative to expensive traditional CCTV systems.

Convert Android Phones to Home Security CCTV CameraRemotely Monitor Home Shop or Office from your iphone using MoGo Remote Monitoring App
MoGo Google Play Store Rating

Google Playstore Rating


Google Play Store Rating for MoGo
MoGo Play Store Rating
MoGo Play Store Rating
MoGo Play Store Rating
MoGo Play Store Rating
What will you use MoGo for.

Get Home Security with Easy-to-Use & Affordable Mobile CCTV.
Say Goodbye to Complicated and Confusing Surveillance Systems

MoGo Baby Monitor and Pet Monitor smart home security camera app for Home, Shop and Offices

MoGo transforms Spare Old Android smartphones into Advanced CCTV Cameras.

Our mission is to simplify surveillance, making it accessible, affordable, instant and portable for everyone.

And that's how MoGo was born. 

Experience the ease and convenience of modern home security with MoGo - the ultimate pocket-friendly CCTV Monitoring solution.

Why Choose MoGo?

Why convert old phone to security camera? MoGo gives you Simple 2 Step Setup.

Effortless CCTV Solution

MultiView: Access All Your Converted Old Phone CCTV Cameras in One Convenient Viewing Window.


Take it with you wherever you go - to your shop, office, while visiting family, or even while traveling.

24/7 remote monitoring and surveillance, all from the palm of your hand.

Transform your old phone into a zero-cost security camera with our innovative mobile app. No additional costs, no wires, no hassle. Experience the ultimate home surveillance solution now.
Protect your home with ease using our mobile app that converts your old phone into a fully functional, zero-cost security camera. Say goodbye to expensive equipment and installation fees. Get started with our cost-effective solution today.


Say Goodbye to High-Priced & Complex CCTV Camera Systems.

Use Your Unused Old/ Spare Mobile Phones as CCTV Cameras at No Cost with MoGo.

discover which problem can we solve for your unique needs

Stay connected with your baby 24/7 with MoGo CCTV Camera App. Use Old Phones as CCTV Camera and Get live video stream and two-way talkback for peace of mind.

New Parents

Sacrificing your own peace of mind for the sake of your little ones?

Turn your old phone into a baby monitor. Keep an eye on your little darlings while you enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Reclaim your freedom. Experience peace of mind with MoGo, the leading Baby Monitor App for new parents.

Want to know the moment your little one wakes up?
Can MoGo be used to record too ?
New Parents are using MoGo’s Listen-in feature to hear the sound around the CCTV Camera Phone.
With the added bonus of 2-Way Talking, you can even talk back to your little using MoGo as a baby monitor app.

Don't miss out on this amazing feature on 2-Way Talking. Watch the Video.
Want to stay connected to your baby from work?
Is there any limit to which the video can be recorded/watched
With MoGo, you can keep a close eye on your little one from anywhere in the world.
Watch live video feeds or replay sweet moments with our Non-Stop Cloud Recordings.
Learn more in our video tutorial on Non-Stop Video Recording. Watch the Video.
Protect your home with MoGo CCTV Camera App's Home Security CCTV Camera System. Use Old Phones to get 24x7 live streaming, motion detection, two-way talk, HD cloud recordings, 360-degree view. Download now.


Protect your home while enjoying life's moments.

Attending a wedding, hanging out with friends, movie night, or on a vacation, MoGo makes it easy to keep an eye on your home.

Simply turn your old phone into a CCTV camera and enjoy peace of mind, without any investment or complicated setup.

I have understood how it is a No Cost CCTV. Are there any hidden costs with MoGo?
What is the difference between MoGo & a Portable Home Surveillance Camera?
No, MoGo is a zero-cost alternative to traditional CCTV cameras.

Simply repurpose your old phones and save the expense of purchasing new hardware.
Enjoy the benefits of a portable CCTV camera without the cost.
What kind of phones can be converted to a CCTV?
Can I see the Live Stream of my home?
Transform any smartphone running Android 4.1 or higher into a cutting-edge CCTV camera with MoGo.
It's quick, simple, and only requires one step.

Check out our Video Tutorial on How to Set Up. Watch the Video
MoGo CCTV Camera app. Use old phones as CCTV Camera for Reliable Security Solution for Your Shop or office. Get Live Streaming, Motion Detection, HD Recording, Two-Way Talk, Cloud Storage


Protect your hard-earned business with MoGo, the smart and cost-effective security solution.

Use MoGo to monitor your shop or office from anywhere, at any time, using your existing smartphones.
Keep an eye on your store even when you're away.

Upgrade your business security today with No Cost CCTV Solution.

How does MoGo keep my shop security footage safe?
Does MoGo record/upload to the cloud? I will need the evidence in case the Camera phone is stolen?
At MoGo, we prioritize your security. Our 24/7 non-stop recording and motion detection recording features store all your footage directly on a secure cloud.

Hence, even if your camera phone is taken or damaged, your recordings are still safe and secure.
How does the cost of internet connection impact MoGo?
How do I hide my device, so that thieves do not detect it easily? How do I camouflage my device?
An active internet connection is a must for MoGo to function as a CCTV camera, just like any other CCTV.

You have the option to run MoGo on a mobile data plan through your sim card, providing flexibility in terms of internet connectivity costs.
Senior Citizens and elderly care Monitoring with MoGo CCTV Camera App. Used Old Phones as CCTV Camera and Keep an Eye on Your Loved Ones with 24/7 Live Stream, Motion Detection, Two-Way Talkback, On-Demand Recording and Cloud Storage


MoGo is the perfect solution for keeping a watchful eye on your elderly parents.

Turn Old Smartphones into a state-of-the-art CCTV camera that provides constant monitoring and complete peace of mind.

Use MoGo to ensure that your loved ones are always safe and secure.

Can I view live streams from my phone even when I'm away from home?
Do I have to be in India to view the Live Stream or get alerts and notifications?
Yes, you can.

Whether you're in a different state or even a different country, you can still use MoGo to keep an eye on your loved ones.

Use our Hero features like Live Streaming, Two-way talk, motion detection, and cloud recording, no matter where you are.
Can other members of my family also access our MoGo CCTV Camera, and check out what is going on at home?
I am using MoGo for Monitoring my Old Parents at home. How can I do a non-stop 24×7 video recording on the cloud?
Absolutely, MoGo allows you to share access with up to 5 family members.

They can view the Live Stream, listen to the other side, talk back through the CCTV camera phone, and even access cloud recordings.

Check out this Short Video Tutorial on how to share access with your Family & Friends. Watch the Video.
Keep an eye on your pets with MoGo's pet monitoring feature. Use Old phones as CCTV Camera and Watch live streams, record in HD, and get motion detection alerts. Perfect for pet parents on-the-go!


As a pet parent, we understand that your furry friends are more than just pets - they're family.

Use MoGo CCTV App to keep a watchful eye on your furry family members, even when you're not home.

Can I use multiple phones as CCTV cameras in different rooms to keep track of my pet's activity?
How many people can be added as Family or Guests?
Absolutely! Use MoGo CCTV App to connect up to four CCTV camera phones simultaneously. Watch live streams of different rooms to keep an eye on your furry friend's activities.

Check out this Short Video Tutorial on how to watch multiple screens at the same time with our Multi-View feature. Watch the Video
But a portable PTZ CCTV Camera lets me watch all corners of the room. MoGo seems to be failing at that, right?
How many Mobile Phone cameras can be hooked up with this system that you can view through the app?
Absolutely Not.

MoGo allows you to switch between the front and back cameras of your CCTV phones. You can keep an eye on every angle of the room.

Check out this Short Video Tutorial on how to get a 360 degree view from your CCTV Camera phone. Watch the Video

Simple, but powerful

24x7 live streaming camera monitoring for home security by MoGo CCTV Camera App

24x7 Live Streaming

Watch over what matters most.

MoGo allows you to keep an eye on things from anywhere, anytime. Just like a CCTV camera.

MoGo CCTV Camera App Motion Detection gives you instant alerts when motion is detected in your home or office.

Motion Detection

Stay alert with MoGo's motion detection.

Get notified instantly of any movement and keep your home secure from anywhere.

MoGo CCTV Camera App's two-way talkback feature allows you to interact with visitors, pets, and deter intruders.

Two-Way Talk

Talk back to visitors, pets, or just soothe your little ones.

Deter thieves remotely with MoGo's two-way talk feature.

360 degree view feature on MoGo CCTV Camera with remote camera switching capability

360° View

Keeping an eye across the room made easy!

Switch between the front and back cameras of your CCTV Camera phone.

MoGo CCTV Camera App's HD cloud recordings feature with 1080p resolution - Never miss a moment

HD Cloud Recordings

Enjoy crystal-clear Live Streaming and Recordings with MoGo CCTV Camera App's 1080p HD Quality resolution.

MoGo CCTV Camera app with 1080p HD resolution and on-demand recording feature

On Demand Recording

Capture images and record video on-demand from anywhere in the world with MoGo's remote recording feature.

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“MoGo is awesome! Now I can go anywhere without worrying about my dog Sussie anymore.”
-  Micheal Pearson
Logo of MoGo

The story of how we got started on

MoGo was conceptualized to build a safer tomorrow.
Our story starts 3 years ago... Strap in.

Nov 2019
- Shock of our Life.
We were shocked by the burglary at a close relative's house.
Home Robbery at relatives
January 2020
- Unbelievable
A Mobile Shop, just across our house, was broken into. Shopkeeper lost goods worth 5 lacs. Thieves took away the CCTV camera & DVR boxes with them.
April 2020
- What is going on?
We came across an increasing trend in Burglaries, High costs of Surveillance systems and CCTVs, Complex decision making for a buyer, etc. 

May 2020
- Can we do something?
We decided to make Surveillance affordable, easy and accessible for everyone across India. But How?
August 2020
- Let's do something about it

Why not convert Old, Spare, Used Mobile Phones to an advanced CCTV cameras. We can make CCTV surveillance affordable, portable and user-friendly.
Dec 2020
- We failed, but did not give up

Our prototype was not stable. Because CCTV has to be reliable, we went back toward re-engineering the solution, with a different approach.
May 2021
- Breakthrough

A technology that is not only Reliable but more Advanced than any CCTV.
October 2021
- Winning Hearts
"Unbelievable!" is what our early adopters said. And we started towards a refined and finished solution.
Feb 2022
- The Launch

Mobile CCTV, On-the-GO. MoGo
Aapki Teesri Aankh (Your Third Eye)