That's Why is CCTV important ?

Two men - who barged into a property dealer's residence in Uttam Nagar along with two others, and robbed the man's family hostage on July 7 - were arrested after the two men were fired upon in the street. Kilometers from the crime scene on Sunday morning, police said.

Police said one of them suffered a leg injury and a constable in a bulletproof jacket was shot during the shootout. Police said the duo's interrogation led to the arrest of another suspect - the realtor's employee who provided information about cash and jewelry kept at the businessman's home.

This incident of robbery was caught on the CCTV camera installed in the house of the landlord. The video footage became very viral on social media.

On July 7, when Vinod Shourie was in his office, four men broke into his fourth-floor flat in G-Block Uttam Nagar. Shourie's mother, Savitri Devi, wife Seema Shourie, two children, and Seema's brother Sachin were inside the house when the suspects entered Seema telling Seema that they were electricians and had come to fix the electrical fault. As soon as the door opened, the four men wearing caps and masks took out a pistol and three knives and threatened to kill Seema and other family members if they raised an alarm. They tied Seema, Sachin, and Savitri with tape and ransacked the entire house. They took away Rs 8 lakh in cash, gold ornaments, two mobile phones, and other valuables worth lakhs of rupees.

The people of the house opened themselves and informed Shourie, who informed the police. The case was filed against the robbery. After scanning the CCTV footage, checking mobile phone data, and further investigating, the police identified the suspects and started tracking their movements.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Santosh Kumar Meena said that at around 5 am on Sunday, police teams spotted two suspects near the North Nagar bus terminal and asked them to surrender. However, he opened fire on the police team and tried to escape. One bullet hit the constable's bulletproof jacket.

“Our raiding team retaliated. One of the attackers suffered a leg injury. He has been identified as 23-year-old Ankush. His associate, 24-year-old Mukul, was also caught. A pistol and a knife along with three cartridges have been recovered from them,” said DCP Meena. The interrogation of both the suspects led to the arrest of Dipanshu alias Vashu (25), Shourie's employee, who had told the robbers about the cash and jewelry, police said.

Ankush and Mukul have confessed to their involvement in two more robberies, including one that took place in the Sadar Bazar area on June 26. Both of them have previously been in jail for different offenses. The DCP Santosh K. Meena said that Ankush was released from jail in February this year and Mukul came out more than a year ago.

"We are now looking for other suspects involved in the robbery and recovering the stolen items," Meena said.

Source - Hindustan Times 

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