That is how a wireless CCTV camera help you in Home monitoring

Hyderabad: A well-planned plan of a thief in Kukatpally here is foiled by a vigilant homeowner in the United States.

Identifying a locked property in Kukatpally and as per a plan, the thief was successful in breaking into the property. But unfortunately for him, secret cameras were installed on the premises that were relaying the live footage to the landlord in the US.

The homeowner, checking the best CCTV camera app for home security on his smartphone, noticed the suspect entering his house, after which he alerted his neighbors, who in turn alerted the KPHB police. The police managed to reach on time and caught the thief red-handed within a few hours of Wednesday morning.

The residents had locked up the house at LIG 237 in KPHB Road No 2 and had gone to the US last December and were currently staying there. Before leaving, the landlord had installed security surveillance cameras in his home and connected them to his mobile phone with the help of an app.

According to the police, the incident happened around 3.30 am on Wednesday when the owner was checking the surveillance camera. After seeing an unknown person entering the house by opening the main door with tools, he informed the neighbors and informed the police. Detective Sub-Inspector Shyam Babu, who was roaming in the area, immediately reached home with his staff. 

The thief has been identified as T. Ramakrishna alias Abhiram, who was earlier involved in similar cases. He was earlier lodged in the Sangareddy district jail and was recently released. Abhiram was arrested and produced in court, after which he was sent to judicial custody.

Source - Telangana today

Summary - How mastermind the thieves are? They are trying every possible way to do the robbery. It's all mandatory to have at least a security system at home. There are very high chances of being caught on CCTV cameras which can be accessed from sitting any corner of the World. The owner is also smart and uses a smart CCTV camera for home with mobile connectivity which helps him to get alert whenever detects any motion. You can also check out the best MOGO CCTV camera for home security.


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