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Mumbai: Three people including two private detectives were arrested within 48 hours of breaking into the 4th floor flat of a residential building in Lokhandwala Andheri (West) and made with cash and gold Jewellery worth Rs 11.12 lakh at the midnight of July 14. Acting on the information received, Oshiwara police arrested him. Accused from Borivali on July 17, and recovered whole Property was stolen from the trio - Pritesh Manjrekar (37), Rohit Korde (37), and Rohit Hegde (43). All three don't have proper jobs and plan to commit Stealing to earn a fast income. they easily managed to escape Being caught by someone in the building said to the police.

After Pooja Biswas (24), all three did a break-in and lived in Guru Darshan Bhavan with her friend. On July 14, he went out to eat at around 10 pm. after a faithful trio of visitors and went in search of a locked room. Two of them claimed to be private detectives. There are no previous theft records registered againstTrio. Captures of dozens of closed-circuit television (CCTV) helped the police team led by Inspector Sachin Jadhawar, Oshiwara police senior inspector Manohar Dhanwade said assistant inspector Sandeep Patil and the detection staff - all identified the three, which led to their arrests. On returning home at around 1 am on July 15, Vishwas noticed valuables missing and saw the entire flat being ransacked. 

In the complaint, Vishwas stated in the lawsuit, "Upon arriving home, I saw the door to be half ajar. I broke the household contents. The cupboard was found open. Gold ornaments, high-end mobiles, high-end watches, and Rs 4.84 lakh in cash were stolen."

Source - Times of India 

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