Can CCTV camera reduce this robberies ?

New Delhi: Four people robbed jewelry worth more than one lakh rupees in a house. 3 crores on Saturday morning at Anand Lok in South Delhi. In the case, police haven’t done any arrests in the case. Police Control Room got information about a robbery at 29, Anand Lok. The complainant, Ritika, was sleeping in the ground floor bedroom with her five-year-old granddaughter. DCP (South) Banita Marie Jacker said, “At around 3.30 pm, she heard some noise and saw four people making a ruckus in the wardrobe in the bedroom. They instructed her to keep quiet.

Police said they tied the feet of 68-year-old Ritika with a piece of cloth and fled with jewelry worth Rs 3-4 crore. The database has been registered in the police station. Four fingerprints have been removed from the spot.

Sources said that the robbers entered the house by cutting the iron grill attached to the window. There was no watchman at the time of tragedy took place. "They used housebreaking equipment," an official said. They went to the first floor first, where the son of the woman, daughter-in-law, grandson, and were sleeping. He locked both the rooms from outside and went to the ground floor bedroom.

Ritika woke up and saw the robbers, who had torches in their hands. They were also seen armed with iron rods. She was not able to see their faces clearly in dark. A police source quoted the complainant as saying, "The robbers asked the woman and the child to keep quiet." Then they asked him for the key to the cupboard but opened it with their own devices. He grabbed the jewelry kept there and then made it. Escape after about 45 minutes into the room.

Police sources said that before fleeing, the intruders freed the woman from her mobile phone.`Some glasses were spotted and might be that are drank water from the refrigerator.

After the men left, the woman started screaming while alerting the maid and family members. They ran to the ground floor and called the police control room aware of the tragedy. Ritika told what happened to the police.

Police are probing the matter and checking if there is an insider. "We had asked many questions to many people and to their families also," the police officer claimed. The woman ran an export business and the family lived in the Anand Lok area of ​​Defence Colony.

Source - Times of India 

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