Indoor CCTV cameras works for outdoor also

A new video has surfaced online which shows three men robbing a man in Delhi's Raghubir Nagar area. The robbers first thrashed the man with a belt, then robbed his belongings, and even forced him to take off his clothes in the middle of a deserted street, which was captured by a CCTV security camera installed in the area during the incident.

Police officials said that three people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

The video shows two robbers carrying the man on a deserted road, while a third is waiting for them on a two-wheeler. Apart from the robbers and the victim, no one else was present on the road at the time of the incident.

However, in the video recorded by a home security system, the vehicles can be seen speeding up just a few meters away from them, possibly on the main road connecting the road. A motorcyclist also entered the street due to the robbery, but immediately took a U-turn without any alarm. 

Police said the robbed person was a driver by profession and had registered a case against three people at Raghubir Nagar police station. After an investigation, three suspects were arrested, who were identified only by their first names - Lakhwinder, Deepak, and Akash. The items stolen from the driver have also been recovered from the three accused.

As the coronavirus restrictions are being gradually eased in a phased manner, incidents of crime have been reported in the national capital.

On the night of July 3, a man snatched the bag of a 67-year-old woman in South Delhi's CR Park area while she was walking through a dark, deserted street. Three people were arrested and all were below 20. A bag, some cash, a mobile phone, the identity card of the woman, and a vehicle used in the robbery were recovered. After imposing strict restrictions while the second wave was at its peak, authorities have slowly begun to allow people and businesses to return to normalcy. But it has also resulted in some people giving up their defense against the deadly virus.

Source - NDTV News 

Summary - There are major benefits of CCTV cameras like it works for indoor and outdoor as well for those who are suspecting and Nowadays, chain snatching are very committing by the robbers, can be seen on this Home monitoring system. Wireless CCTV increases the fear among the people who are trying to do robberies. Even the thieves while committing the tragedy, first watch the protection system like CCTVs. Buildings or home which has no CCTV camera are higher chances of burglars.


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