Government is promoting CCTV security cameras

PUNE: 10 additional CCTV security cameras will be installed at MSRTC's Swargate and Wakdewadi depots to enhance security and keep a watch on private bus operators and people roaming freely. More than 600 buses of Pune MSRTC ply from these two depots.

“As of now, there is a total of 25 wireless CCTV cameras on both sides of the depot. We decided to install additional cameras in different areas of the depot after a recent study,” said an official of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) Pune division.

“There were some weak sides in both the halves which were used by the miscreants to cause a nuisance. There is frequent movement of buses in both the depots and at times the footage of the existing CCTV cameras gets blocked. More CCTV cameras will ensure that we can keep an eye on the depot locations and take action without delay if we face any problems.

Source - Times of India

Summary - You can see the Government is also promoting CCTV security cameras because it acts as a serious deterrent to illegal activities. Home monitoring CCTV app can lower the risk of theft and free you from any unusual person coming to you and many benefits of installing CCTV cameras for small businesses too. With modern technology, you can access your security camera from anywhere in the World with the help of the internet.


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