Even Magistrate's family is not safe

Armed thieves attacked the residence of a judicial officer in Bihar, thrashed his wife and daughter, and took away cash and other valuables worth over Rs 3 lakh, a senior police officer said on Tuesday.

According to Superintendent of Police Rohtas, Kumar Ashish, the incident had taken place at the official residence of Judicial Magistrate Mahendra Nath Pandey, who was present in the court.

"As Judge’s wife Gunja Kumari claimed there were 3 thieves. They had gone home at 10 pm on the pretext of meeting the judge. She told that Pandey was not at home, he asked for a glass of water" the police officer said, he said.

As the wife of the Judicial Magistrate went to get a glass of water, the thieves broke in the windows, aimed their firearms at her, and parted ways with all the jewelry she was wearing. They also unlocked her cupboard and collected ₹50,000 in cash and some more ornaments that were kept inside.

The superintendent of Police stated that when they tried to protest, Judge's wife and their younger daughter were also beaten up. The total value of the loot was estimated and more than 3 lacs INR.

"It is a big challenge for the police. We resolve to solve the case and arrest the culprits at the earliest," the police officer said.



Summary – Thieves always choose crime buildings, and homes without CCTV cameras because there is none to watch.

When a CCTV camera is placed in the right place then the possibilities of theft are much lower, they cover every corner of the home. This will monitor especially those who are inspecting your home, business, or property. People who are planning to steal, seeing the security cameras and for the fear of getting caught and will decide not to steal. If the thieves are enough strong to take a chance at robbery then CCTV recording will help cops to catch the thieves in the act and there are more possibilities that the criminal will be caught. It works like peace of mind for those who are busy and none is there to take care of them.  


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