CCTV cameras detected the thieves from USA

Kanpur police on Tuesday said it thwarted a burglary in a house a night earlier with the help of its owner, who tracked down two burglars on a Wireless CCTV camera in the United States.

Officials said the thieves opened fire after the police reached the spot. Police claimed that they opened fire in retaliation, shooting one of them in the right leg. The person was identified as 27-year-old Srinath Rathore alias Sonu. He was taken to the hospital. Srinath's accomplice, seen in the cameras, managed to escape.

Chakeri Station House Officer (SHO) Madhur Mishra said the landlord, Vijay Awasthi, was a software engineer in New Jersey. Awasthi, who shifted to the US with his family sometime back, had installed high-resolution cameras connected to the Internet in and around his home in the city's Shyamnagar area before leaving the country. Police said he kept an eye on his home from New Jersey.

Late on Monday night, Awasthi saw two people in his house. Using an in-house speaker, the engineer warned the robbers that he would inform the police if they failed to leave immediately. As the thieves broke into one of the CCTV cameras, Awasthi immediately informed his neighbor and the police. Soon after, the police reached the spot and on seeing them the thieves allegedly opened fire on them and fled to the terrace of the house. “In firing, one of the them got fired and injured and knock down on the roof of the house. The police team immediately overpowered and nabbed Srinath,” said SHO Mishra.

During interrogation, Srinath told the police that he and his companion had been doing recce in the area for some time and found Awasthi's house locked for a long time. “They entered the house by breaking the lock of the main gate, on Monday evening. Before they could open the cabinets, the police arrived. Srinath told the police that his accomplice fled after the police arrived,” said Mishra. A case of attempt to murder has been registered against Srinath and unidentified persons. Police said one of Srinath's accomplices managed to escape, but more people may be involved. Mishra said investigators are now trying to identify the associates of the accused.

Source  -  Indian Express 

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