CCTV camera is an important probe tool: police

Kottayam: A priest's house was looted in broad daylight and around 55 gold ornaments and around Rs 80,000 were stolen from his house in Kerala's Kottayam district. Police gave this information.

According to the complaint given to the police, about 23 of the stolen gold was found on the ground near the sovereign's house.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening.

Police said that it is believed that the robbers may have lost some part of the loot in a hurry to escape after the robbery.

An official of the Pampadi police station, where the complaint was lodged, said the robbery took place when the priest and his wife had gone to church and other family members were not at home. Police said the robbers entered the house through the kitchen door, ransacked all the rooms, spread chili powder, and also tried to break into various cupboards. However, they managed to break into one of the cupboards from which they had stolen the gold and money. The robbery came to light when the family members returned home around 7 pm and immediately informed the police.


Source - Times of India


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