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MUMBAI: An employee of a chartered accountancy firm was arrested on Monday for allegedly looting ₹13.75 lakh belonging to the company along with his associate.

Mulund police officials said that under the scheme, the employee's aide knocked him unconscious by placing a handkerchief laden with chloroform on his mouth and fled with the cash, It seem that the worker become robbed with the aid of using an unknown person.

But his plan turned into discovered when the police checked the CCTV camera on mobile . "Sign language was used by the employee and his associate to communicate," the police officer said.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon when employee Sumit Wadekar took cash from the firm's customers and returned to the office at PK Road in Mulund West. When he reached the office gate, a person came from behind and put a handkerchief in his mouth. Wadekar fainted and the man fled with the bag carrying Rs 13.75 lakh.

When another office worker came out after some time, he saw Wadekar lying on the ladder and informed the office. The Cops were informed about the incident and Wadekar was taken to a hospital in Mulund for treatment. A police officer said that on the basis of the statement of the firm's owner Siddharth Shah, a case under sections 392 and 328 of the Indian Penal Code was registered at Mulund police station late in the evening.

The Mulund police then investigated the matter and checked all the CCTV footage of that multi-story building. Checking the footage at the time of the incident, the police found that Wadekar and the suspect had entered the building premises together and after moving a few steps, Wadekar communicated with his suspect in sign language.

"It seemed, as they were communicating like they knew each other," said a police officer. Besides this, the police also figured out that the person with Wadekar had a bottle in his bag after pouring the chemical on the handkerchief, the officer said.

The police then questioned Wadekar in detail and revealed the plan he had allegedly hatched with his accomplice, as he was in need of money. 

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