Can I watch live streams from multiple CCTV camera phones on a single screen with MoGo CCTV app? Can I put up multiple CCTV camera phones at different locations and monitor them all at once using MoGo CCTV Camera App?

Use MoGo CCTV Camera App to connect and view live video feed from multiple CCTV camera phones.

You can put up as many CCTV camera phones as you want and monitor them all at once with ease. All of them can be on different internet connections or networks, spread across the globe!

MoGo CCTV Camera App is designed to make it easy for you to keep an eye on everything that matters to you, whether it's your home, shop, godown, or any other location.

With MoGo’s Multi-View feature, you can watch a Live-stream of up to 4 CCTV Camera Phones in a single window.

Check out this Short Video Tutorial on Multi-View. Watch the Video