How is MoGo CCTV Camera App different from a Portable CCTV (PTZ) Camera?

MoGo CCTV Camera App is different from a portable CCTV (PTZ) camera in many ways.

Unlike a PTZ camera, MoGo CCTV Camera App does not require any additional hardware or installation. Hence making it completely Portable.

It allows you to turn your old Android phones into a CCTV camera in just 2 clicks. Hence giving you a CCTV Camera INSTANTLY.
This also makes it a cost-effective solution monitoring home, shop or offices without spending any additional money.

In terms of features, MoGo offers all the functionalities of a traditional CCTV camera. It has

- Motion Detection,
- Two-way talkback,
- 360-degree view,
- On-demand recording,
- Family Sharing
- and so much more.

Moreover, MoGo's cloud storage facility allows you to store all your recordings on the cloud, making it easy to access them from anywhere. Cloud Video Recording also makes the evidence indestructible or tamper-proof.

Overall, MoGo CCTV Camera App is a convenient and effective solution that combines the convenience of a portable CCTV camera with the functionality of a traditional CCTV camera.

Find out more about all the features at our quick tutorial on YouTube << Click Here >>