Congratulations on your decision to make your Loved Ones More Secure

There is so much that you can do with MoGo.

To get you started quickly, we have complied a quick guide on our Top-Most features & functions.

Step 1 - View Multiple CCTV Camera Phones in a Single Screen.

Pair Multiple Old Phones (Android 4.1 and above) and watch upto 4 Live Feeds through a single window.
Checkout our Video Tutorial.

Step 2 - There is a thief in my property, and all I depend on is a notification!! No More.

Update your Mobile Number in the ‘My Account’ section, and receive a Phone Call whenever Motion is Detected on your CCTV Camera Phone.
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Video Tutorial.

Step 3 - Sharing is Caring!!

Let everyone in the family view the Live Stream of your CCTV Camera Phone.
Share the Live Stream by going to Settings > Share Connection.
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Video Tutorial.

Step 4 - 120 Hours of Cloud Storage Space.

Let your CCTV Camera Phones record everything they see.
Turn ON Non-StopRecording to save 24x7 video feed directly to our Secure Cloud.
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Video Tutorial.

Check out our Complete Video Tutorial, covering Each and Every Feature on