That's why home security CCTV cameras are important

An unidentified man ransacked a businessman's house and stole 34 gold pieces of jewelry and Rs 3 lakh in cash in Coimbatore's Nilikonampalayam. The theft took place in the house of 25-year-old S Amarnath Singh of Angammal Layout in Neelakonampalayam. He runs a lathe workshop. At around 8.30 pm on Saturday, Amarnath locked his house and along with his family members went to his friend's house in Pappampatti on the outskirts of the city. When he returned home at around 1.30 pm on Sunday afternoon, the lock of the door was found broken. When he entered the house, he saw that a bureau was broken. 34 gold jewelry weighing sovereign and Rs 3 lakh in cash were missing from the bureau. He alerted the Singanallur investigation wing police. Police Inspector M Vinoth kumar and Police Sub Inspector K Karthikeyan and the team reached the house and interrogated Amarnath and his neighbors. A sniffer dog was pressed into service. The dog ran for a few meters and found nothing. Sub-Inspector of Fingerprint Bureau and experts from Forensic Science visited the spot. Police have registered a case and formed a special team to nab the thief.

Source  -  Times of India

Summary – Burglaries are taking place daily and home security will be the main thing on priority to take headache on. Every family’s superior wants to be their family's safety first. Nowadays dogs and CCTV cameras are the two options to reduce home theft. A study has found that when pedestrians and neighbors realize that they are being watched then the possibilities of theft will decrease. They start behaving differently. The fear of burglaries in society will increase and impact people’s sleep, moving to new premises, loss of confidence, fear of being lost at home, many become ill and decrease in concentration level.

Many targets of thieves are homes or businesses without CCTV cameras or without any protection, making them the most effective burglary.

Home security CCTV cameras have many benefits to home and business owners which makes them the number one choice to stop theft.CCTV monitoring will ensure the safety of your property and home. It gathers evidence and remote observation. The best advantage is watching the real-time recording and notifying while detecting any motion.


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